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Arrows of Rain by Okey Ndibe
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Writers, Writing on Conflicts and Wars in Africa
Edited by Okey Ndibe & Chenjerai Hove
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The New Internationalist
New Internationalist Publications is a communications co-operative based in Oxford with editorial and sales offices in Toronto, Canada; Adelaide, Australia; Christchurch, Aotearoa /New Zealand; and Lewiston, USA. It exists to report on issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless in both rich and poor nations; to debate and campaign for the radical changes necessary if the basic material and spiritual needs of all are to be met.
Denolyn Carroll Assistant managing editor at Essence magazine.
Niyi Osundare - poet and prolific essayist is the author of 'Pages from the Book of the Sun : New and Selected Poems' published in November 2000, and other works, including The Eye of the Earth, and Waiting Laughters. He is the winner of the Commonwealth Poetry Prize for 1986, and the 1991 Noma Award for Publishing in Africa. This review appeared in the February 7, 2001 print edition of USAfrica The Newspaper.
Annie Gagiano Litnet: African Library
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